Our Services

Our chiropractic care services help provide pain relief of a large range of conditions through spinal adjustments/alignments ( spinal decompression ) including back pain, bulging disc, leg pain ( sciatica ), migraine headaches, neck pain, pinched nerves and more stemming from auto accidents, bad lifting mechanics, poor body posture, unleveled extremities (short leg), sports and workplace injuries and more...

Our chiropractic wellness care is available for all ages including infants & children and Dr. Casselman promotes a total body wellness that encompasses proper body posture, healthy nutritional diet , relaxation of the body & mind ( massage and calm environment) and the avoidance of drugs, and if possible, surgical procedures.

Pro-Adjuster Chiropractic Care System Pro-Adjuster Chiropractic System 1.We also have advanced chiropractic technology available for all patients. This technology is the Pro-Adjuster System of analysis and correction of the subluxation. Please refer to the advanced technique tab on the home page.
2. Customized Dynamic Flexible Foot Orthotics ; Many chronic spinal problems and lower extremity problems may be help or eliminated with muscle balancing and correction of foot, knee and hip mechanics. Many patients with reoccurring injuries to the lower back, hips, knees, and or feet find superior results after being corrected by chiropractic adjustments and being fitted for stabilizing orthotics which are flexible and dynamic. Rigid nonflexible orthotics are very rarely effective in long term correction and often cause more problems. www.footlevelers.com
3. Scoliosis evaluations.
4. Free library, literature, supportive materials, tapes and videos available for check out.
5. We sell nutritional products in our office; products like Greens First Pro, Greens First menopausal, Greens First PMS, supplements through reputable companies.
6. Financial planning, Family and Children's policies as well as individual consideration.
7. On going health promotions.
Chiropractic Adjustment Table 11. Physical Therapies to include; thermal and cryotherapies, massage , soft tissue release treatment, mechanical and manual segmental traction.
8. Complete and comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and correction of Nervous System Interference by Subluxation .