Visit Our Health Center


With every visit to our Health Center , you will be greeted by the warmth and compassion of our staff who take great pride in their desire to help people. A friendly and inviting atmosphere which gives the office a family orientated feeling. You will, no doubt, know upon your arrival that this is a place of "wellness" dedicated to your health care needs . State of the services and equipment provide the necessary means by which your health will be restored. A family orientated facility with a family feeling begins your quest for true health. Everyone's family member or friend is welcome to accompany the patient during care. A wide variety of materials are present for people to learn more about how Chiropractic Health Care can benefit their families and friends. Smiles are abundant and good health is your benefit.

Step One: A comprehensive history and consultation will be taken as well as an introduction to our health approach.

Step Two: A complete spinal analysis via orthopedic, neurological testing, muscle strengths, motion analysis, instrumentation and radiographs will detect the specific locations of the primary subluxations as well as secondary compensation reactions providing a working diagnosis and prognosis.

Step Three: Biomechanical and Geometrical x-ray analysis will be performed to detect the positional dysfunction of any subluxation detected.

Step Four: Treatment of the subluxation with specific chiropractic adjustments tailored to the individual case needs.

Step Five: A comprehensive report of findings with the doctor to explain your diagnosis, possible treatments, alternatives and consequences. Explanation of the neurological interference and what part of the body tissues, organs, muscle, glands etc. are malfunctioning. As well as home care instructions and rehabilitation and muscle reeducation exercises will be prescribed to ensure quick and effective spinal correction. Financial planning, progress evaluation expectations and more.

Step Six: The patient's desires and goals are reviewed and the doctor and patient formulate a health plan. Treatment ensues for better health and quality of life.