Whole Body Vibration



Decreased bone density is becoming more frequently seen on x-rays and a greater concern of patients. Bone health is rapidly becoming one of the most acute issues in the US, yet natural treatments have been limited to supplementation and weight-lifting exercise protocols. Now Whole Body Vibration offers a powerful natural therapeutic approach with significant benefits for those most at risk!


  • Osteoporosis affects an estimated 10 million Americans over the age of 50, with some estimates as high as 28 million.
  • Nearly 1.2 million bone fractures in the US each year are related to osteoporosis.
  • As many of one in five people suffering from osteoporosis end up in nursing homes.


Bone is living tissue that is constantly rebuilt via a two-part process. Osteoclasts resorb andremodel bones. Osteoblasts deposit new minerals and collagen back into the bone. The osteoblasts are stimulated by mechanical pressure exerted on them during weight bearing. The more weight being loaded onto a bone along the trabecular pattern, the more stimulation is
generated – hence, the recommendation for weight bearing exercises.

The current pharmaceutical trend in treating osteoporosis is based on inhibiting the osteoclasticformation. However, the natural approach of stimulating bone formation while allowing proper remodeling seems to be a more sensible approach.




Fifty years ago, the Russian cosmonauts were rapidly losing bone and muscle mass from extended time in zero gravity. Scientists turned to Whole Body Vibration to create simulated weight-bearing and achieved great success. With WBV, the body’s weight bearing structures are loaded with the total body weight on every up-stroke and are unloaded on every down-stroke.

At a setting of 20 Hz, the platform moves up and down 20 times a second, usually between 3-5mm vertically. The individual standing on the platform at 20Hz, experiences 20 brief, short range impulses on the femoral heads, pelvis and spine per second with the total body weight!
The goal is to find a WBV unit strong enough to transfer the weight bearing stimulus throughout the skeletal structure, yet gentle enough that even lighter weight patients can tolerate it.


Two 10-minute sessions a day at 20Hz, performed two to three times per week, can generate significant improvements in bone mineral density. (Vershuerren et al. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Vol 19, No. 3, 2004) Simply have patients stand on the plate with straight legs to maximize the stimulus of the hip, pelvic and spinal bones and incorporate additional
protocols with static weight bearing postures, static exercise positions and dynamic exercises with stretch bands.

On the nutritional side, patients will also want to include a complete multi-vitamin, dietary enzymes for better absorption and utilization, calcium (preferably in the form of ascorbates, gluconates, citrate or carbonate for optimal absorption), magnesium to assist calcium absorption, Vitamins K-1 and D-3, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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