Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chiropractic adjustments hurt you?
Very often there is little to no discomfort associated with adjustments which correct the misalignments. Depending on how long a problem has existed in the body will dictate how difficult it may be to restore proper function. The techniques employed at our health center take into account all the necessary factors which need to be customized to suit an individual patients needs and desires. Our youngest patient was 6 weeks old and our oldest patient is 95 years old. With everything in between we obviously treat on an individualized basis.

How do people get subluxated?
There are numerous factors which can cause a misalignment of 3-5mm in the spinal column = a subluxation. Known as the 3 T's they are as follows. 1- TRAUMA'S: how much trauma do you think you need to sustain a 3-5mm misalignment. 2- TOXIN'S: chemical, environmental and biological stressors can put strain on the body and cause muscle imbalances especially in the spinal column region and hence cause a small 3-5mm misalignment. 3- THOUGHTS: Stress from work, family, spouse, money, traffic, tragedies, etc. etc. put huge taxes on the body and can cause imbalances and strain in muscle tissue again causing a subluxation and reduced health. A 4th less talked about cause is NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES or DIETARY FACTORS: this also can cause imbalances in body chemistries resulting in stressors upon different body systems resulting in stress to the frame and causing misalignments to occur.

What is "The Health Approach?"
Quite simply put, it's one of prevention, correction and of maintaining ones health potential by making sure your body is functioning without interferences in the nervous system thereby giving you and you family one of the best tools available to ensure proper health throughout life.

"Health for life?"
Just as one regularly checks ones teeth to ensure their health, and maintenance care on ones vehicles to ensure prolonged life of the car, and eye exams, breast exams, cardiac tests, prostate exams, hearing, etc. etc.,,  Doing the things required to maintain their health. A spinal check-up protocol should be regular as well. Fortunately with the items listed above,, when they fail- most often they can be replaced or you can still live without. However, with the spinal column and nervous system there are NO REPLACEMENTS and damage can be permanent. So.. it behooves one to take care of this body part, to ensure its health! Especially when it controls all your other bodily functions. Chiropractic Health Care is a life choice, or better put, a life health style choice. Integrating this health benefit in your life style will give you benefits that most people don't have. YOUR CHOICE is HEALTH!

Why "Chiropractic" X-rays?
At our facility we must first determine if the overall integritty of the spinal bones are intact and free of tumors, diseases, fractures and other factors which would contradict chiropractic care. Secondly we must analyze the spinal column for subluxations which are three dimensional we must know the exact local and position of primary subluxations and secondaries.

Chiropractic Education:
Chiropractors have many years of schooling similar to a medical doctor. An undergraduate program similar to pre-med is the first step, with most doctors completing this portion in 2-3 years. Next they must meet the graduate application standards of appropriate GPA and credit hour requirements. The graduate degree, at a chiropractic college or university, of which there are approximately 50, will take them 3.5-4 years to complete with national board and state certification and licensing requirements. The course of study is parallel to the medical profession with a different outcome.. Chiropractors treat only one condition, SUBLUXATION, and they have a different view on how the body functions. The primary view being that in order for the body to function properly it must be free of nerve interference at all times and that the body will heal itself if allowed to function as such.