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Reaching your highest potential… with chiropractic


            In the past, as long as they didn’t have any obvious symptoms of a disease, people thought they were leading full, healthy lives. Today, we understand that health goes far behind an absence of acute or chronic illness. Today, we know that health means performing at the peak of our potential physically, emotionally, and chemically.

            Allowing you to reach that peak is the objective of chiropractic.


Being the best you can be!


            Everything we do depends on getting a proper supply of nerve energy throughout our body. This life force is vital to every aspect of our existence. To minimize the interference to this flow of life energy, our bodies have a complex and incredible ‘energy transport’ system. A key component to this system is the spinal column, which protects the nerves running through the spinal cord. Small openings between the interlocking bones in the column—called vertebrae—allow nerves to branch off from the cord to all parts of the body.

            These openings can’t be locked in position or we’d never be able to walk or bend. Unfortunately, with all the moving we do, our bodies can’t always maintain the correct position for each of these bones. Frequently, vertebrae shift out of proper alignment, impinging on the nerves passing through the openings. These misalignments are called vertebral subluxations or spinal nerve interference and it disrupts the normal transmission of nerve energy. In turn, your body can’t function at peak performance.

            Sometimes, this will cause outward symptoms such as pain or illness. At other times, it can decrease resistance in an organ or system. Or, it can produce a general decline in physical, emotional or chemical efficiency. Since each individual is unique, the effect of spinal nerve interference is different for each person.

            The purpose of regular chiropractic care is to detect and correct spinal nerve interference.


What causes spinal nerve interference?


            Based on a century of intensive research and study, it is now known that spinal nerve interference can be caused by any one of three forms of stress: physical, chemical and emotional.

            The most obvious cause is physical stress, such as by jarring the spine in an automobile accident, or by the improper lifting of a heavy object. Even sitting at a desk for hours each day (particularly if the chair is not specially designed to provide lower back support) can cause stress on the spinal column and vertebrae.

            Carrying extra weight (due to job requirements, pregnancy, or being overweight) can result in distortion of the spinal column and cause spinal nerve interference as well. Most sports provide numerous opportunities to sustain spinal nerve interference, as do vigorous exercise programs.

            Chemical stress can be caused by the use of any number of prescription o over-the-counter medications, or by a diet lacking proper nutritional balance. The body must react and respond to the impact of such chemicals and the resulting stress can often prove damaging to the nerve system, including the spine.

            Emotional stress takes a severe physical toll: tightening of muscles, tension in the shoulders and back, clenching of teeth. This emotional stress can often cause spinal nerve interference producing physical stress.

            Unfortunately, in modern society, we are bombarded with stress every day. From childhood to our senior years, we cannot escape the effects of an active, pressure-filled life. We expose ourselves daily to potential interference-causing activities and it is vital to have regular spinal checkups to keep us free of spinal nerve interference.

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