Children's Health

Our greatest assets are our children!

Birth Trauma Syndrome

The birth process can actually cause the first subluxation in an infants spine. The narrowing of the mothers pelvic canal from subluxation of the lumbar spine and or the pelvic/tailbone can result in difficult passage by the fetus which is translated to the child's head, spine and neck. As well as the doctors assistance by pulling on the presented head and then rotation to birth the shoulders, an infants neck may be stretched twice its normal length and with as high as 90 lbs of pressure. The delicate non-developed neck and spinal structures such as musculature, ligaments and connective tissues are especially susceptible to micro trauma. Difficult or long labors as well as presentation problems are good indicators of early subluxation incidences. O.S.H.A. STUDY; Between the ages of 0-7 years of age a child sustains 2500 incidences (falls, accidents, injuries, bumps and thumps.) significant enough to cause a spinal subluxation. It's no wonder that in a another study of adolescent kids that 30% reported a history of low back pain, and 22% had pain within the last 12 months. As children grow and become active in sports and athletics spinal subluxations are even more prevalent. Left undetected these interferences will continue to impede the child's health potential and possibly cause other health problems. CHILDHOOD CONDITIONS; which have seen dramatic results with natural chiropractic care removing nerve pressure are, Ear infections, Asthma, ADD/ADHD, Bedwetting, Digestive Disturbances, Allergies, Infantile Colic, Fever, Tonsillitis and more. JUST AS SPINAL misalignments in an adult can disrupt proper nerve flow and cause disorders, so can a subluxation in your child's spine. This disruption often leads to lowered resistance to disease and can cause reduced immune response function within the body. A SPINAL CHECK-UP for your child should be included in your overall health plan for the child's welfare. Monthly to bimonthly checks are the norm, providing no health problems arise in the meantime. DO NOT LET A TREATABLE injury or subluxation become a life-long problem for your child. Start healthy habits early to ensure healthy habits when they become adults!