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Back Pain ReliefWhat's Chiropractic Care?: Chiropractic "itself" began in 1895 with the discovery by Dr. D. D. Palmer at his practice in Davenport, Iowa. A man by the name Harvey Lillard was the "First Chiropractic Patient" whom was a janitor in the doctor's building. Harvey told the doctor that he was almost completely deaf for many years after he was working one day and hurt his spine. He stated that he felt the injury occur and gradually began to lose his hearing from that point on. Dr. Palmer decided to check the site that Harvey stated the injury occurred and found that a bone in the gentleman's spine was more prominent than the others. Understanding the relationship of the spinal column and the nervous system to all functions in the body, he deduced that possibly there was a relationship between the injury and the patient's complaint. He returned the misplaced spinal bone to its normal position with a thrust using his hands and the patient responded by telling him he could now hear the trolley car outside on the street below. It began that simply! Palmer College of Chiropractic opened in 1897 and recently celebrated its centennial celebration.

Bone Setting: Thousands of years ago the ancient physicians of the time new that the spinal column housed and protected the nervous system which carries all the coordinating and controlling messages throughout the body. These physicians like Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hippocrates and Galen practiced "bone setting" to free the pressures a misaligned spinal bone would place upon the nervous system, to allow the body to function properly and heal. Deducing that removing subluxations can restore health.

The Health - Function relationship: Proper function in the body equals proper health. The understanding that the nervous system must remain free of interference in order for proper function to occur and proper health is the cornerstone of your understanding how your body works. Spinal subluxations interfere with proper function and therefore interfere with proper health.

Health and Nutrition The Nondrug-Nonsurgical approach: We detect and correct nerve interference to restore the bodies ability the function. Incorporating proper nutrition needs and exercise will make up the 3 ESSENTIALS for proper function and health. The third is proper nerve communication to the body systems, organs, tissues, cells, muscles and bones.

Who needs spinal health for overall wellness?: The answer is, anyone who has a spine and a nervous system. This means everyone from the young to the old. Our youngest patient is merely months old and our eldest patient is 95. Everyone benefits from having a body free of nerve interference- even you.