Chiropractic Care Patient Testimonials

I saw Dr. Gischia for the first time in November of 2012.  After 3 back surgeries (2 of which were in March 2012), I was in so much pain I could hardly sit or stand.  My left foot was numb because of my sciatic nerve.  I went to another chiropractor last year and he said he had done everything he could for me. I also had gone to physical therapy as well.  Nothing worked, not even the 3 surgeries.  I found Dr. Gischia on the internet.  He was my last resort.  The result of my treatment with him was amazing!  I have not been able to lie on my left side in years and thanks to Dr G. I am able to now.  My hips had been inflamed since my hip surgery (2005) and now no longer hurt.  It took 25 days to be free of pain after being in pain for years.  Thank you


With much Gratitude

Diane D.



After going to Allergy Centers for years for my sinus headaches and migraines and being treated with drugs I was told by my allergy doctor that my sinus’s freeze and don’t drain and he recommended I go to a neurologist for my migraines.  After the first adjustment, I walked from the exam room to the front of the office and my headache was literally going away. Now when I feel a migraine coming on I get in to see Dr. Gischia and know it will be gone very soon.  This has been at least 15 years ago.  I’m still a loyal patient.



      Sue R.


When I first began seeing Dr. Gischia , I experienced severe pain in my right arm near my shoulder.  I had this problem off and on for 15 years.  Sometimes I could not lift groceries from the cart.  I could not sleep.  I have no idea what was  causing me pain.  I also suffered from pain in my left leg/hip area.  The pain was so bad from sitting in one spot that I quit taking trips.  The pain was so intense that most of the time high powered pain pills did not help.  I went to see my medical doctor, who sent me to an orthopedic surgeon.  I went to physical therapy for a period of 24 weeks with no improvement!  My son-in-law suggested I see a chiropractor.  After starting care with Dr. Gischia , I now have no pain at all in my left leg and hip and the pain in my right shoulder and arm have disappeared!!


Forever grateful

Gail B.


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Gischia’s for years.  After discussing my daughter’s stomach problem with him I brought her in for a consultation free of charge because I referred her. After the adjustment, she only complained of stomach problems once after that.  It is awesome not to hear her mention that her stomach hurts anymore.


           Thank You!!

           Diane D.


The reason I came here was because of my neck and arm pain as well as numbness in my fingers and thumb.  The condition started in 1998.  Although others had treated me it would never go away.  The problem was reduced but troublesome still.  Since seeing Dr Gischia the problem has greatly reduced.  I had been treated by a physical therapist and a chiropractor and the results were moderate.  I also suffer from chronic lower back and leg pain for which I had surgery.  Dr. Gischia helped in overall pain reduction.  The episode of chronic low back pain has decreased and all my neck and arm symptoms are gone!  I believe it was the Doctors approach that made all the difference.  Thanks Doc.


Harold D.